Is it like Sriracha?

It's a flattering comparison, but the only real similarity is the look of the bottle – we both use a clear plastic squeeze bottle with a twist-top cap.  The flavors are totally different, we use all different ingredients, Tango is not fermented, we don't add any sugar or preservatives, we use different vinegars, bases, etc.  


Can I buy it in stores?

Yep!  Tango is available for purchase around NYC at all Whole Foods locations, all 4 Union Market locations, both Foragers locations, and at many smaller markets and shops like The Greene Grape, Bedford Cheese Shop, Heatonist, Clean Market, Springbone, Astoria Bier & Cheese, Lil Skips, Baby Skips, Brooklyn Standard, Foster Sundry, Bake Shop, Greenport Fire, and various others.  We'll add an official map to the site soon.


How spicy is it?

Everybody has a different tolerance for spiciness, but we'd put Hot Tango at a 7/10 on the heat scale.  It's not off the charts, but it's very spicy.  People compare the level of heat to Sriracha or Secret Aardvark, a little hotter than Tabasco, Frank's Red Hot or Cholula

Mild Tango is at most a 2/10 on the heat scale.  We love the idea of Mild being a 'beginner' hot sauce, so we made it milder than any sauce we could find on the shelf.  It's hot sauce with training wheels.  Kids really love it.


Do I have to refrigerate Tango?

Nope!  But it'll stay fresher longer if you do.  We refrigerate ours, but it should really come down to which temperature you prefer eating Tango at.  It's like ketchup.


What kind of peppers are in Tango?

The heat in Tango comes from Scotch Bonnets aka Jamaican Hot Peppers.


What's the shelf life of a bottle?

The FDA has certified Tango as 'shelf-stable', which pretty much means that the pH is low enough to prevent harmful bacteria from ever growing in a closed bottle.  That said, we find that Tango is tastier the fresher it is.  We recommend eating it within the first two years after it's made, so that's how we determine our 'Best By' date.  When you see this date on the bottom of the bottle, you know that bottle was filled and capped on that date, 2 years earlier.


Do you make bigger sizes?

For now the 8oz is our only size bottle.  We'll make bigger sizes in the future.  For food service inquiries, please contact orders@tangochilesauce.com.


Do you do bulk pricing?

Yep!  If mailed cases don't suit your fancy, please visit our Wholesale page to learn more.


Do you have distribution?

Yep!  Our UNFI item numbers are 224132 for Hot and 224137 for Mild.  We're also distributed by Spense in the tri-state area.


Do you ship international?

In most cases, yes (forgive the pun).  Send your request to orders@tangochilesauce.com for review.