Hot Tango

The classic. The favorite. The OG. Hot Tango. The subtle flavor of the carrots alongside the spice of the Habaneros will enhance all your favorite meals.

Mild Tango

Mild Tango is the perfect hot sauce for beginners. Or just a way to use more Tango without all the heat. Kids love it. Great on salads.

Truffle Tango

Elevate your favorite meals with delicious Truffle Tango. It's the spicy Tango flavor you love with just the right hint of truffle. The perfect gift. A must-try.

"Holy heck what a great sauce. No added sugar! It's perfectly bright and lovely. We'll be buying more..."

First-time Amazon buyer, Hot Tango

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Why Tango?

Cleanest, Purest Ingredients

Grandma's Own Recipe

Packed with Nutrients

No Sugar, No Preservatives

Good. On. Everything.

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Customer Reactions

Bought the hot sauce on a whim at Smorgasburg. Oh my god! It has honestly become the most used "spice" in the house. My son loves all things hot: from jalapeño to moruga & everything in between. But Tango hot is is go-to for sandwiches, burgers, etc. Just right!My daughter hates all things hot. Until this sauce. It is an automatic add to noodle bowls. We have vegans & omnis in the house... & I can't think of anything it HASN'T gone great with!

Mindya Owne, Facebook Review

are you kidding? usually you take a bland food and add spices... with tango, you start with tango and say what can I add to this? does that make sense?

Mitch Rosenthal, Facebook Review

I've been enjoying this for years, it's about time I thanked you. Thank you for making this incredibly complimentary condiment!

JonnyJersey, Amazon

It’s got an awesome flavor with garlic and peppers at the forefront. Does not have a vinegar taste. I like the thicker consistency, it doesn’t pour like other hot sauces; it’s more of a thin paste. Very mild heat, but the flavor is one of my new favorites.

Annie, Amazon Review

Awesomely spicy without the sugar. Bought it for Whole30 and will be buying more.

Anonymous Amazon Review

Just had my first taste, and boy was it good!! I had the Mild flavor and it really complimented my meal. I don't usually put hot sauce on my foods, but thanks to Tango Chile I definitely will be! Thanks guys.

Christopher Dutz, Facebook Review

this stuff is the nectar of hades, its ingredients chosen from the garden of eden and made from the same chilis that the aztecs used as currency. this is the sauce that all other sauces aspire to become. needless to say, i highly recommend it.

Jordan Rapaport, Facebook Review

This is delicious hot sauce! It's tastes like it's habanero based which adds a yummy complexity. I got this as a sample from a James Beard event in the Hamptons and this has been my favorite thing to put on everything from eggs to Mexican to anything that needs a bit of heat. For those who are from NYC and love Dos Toro's, this is exactly like the super hot sauce they use (which I've been trying to replicate).

Birdie NYC, Amazon Review

Couldn't put it down! I eat it on EVERYTHING! 10 out of 10... would recommend.

Lisa Renkel, Facebook Review

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