When Nana created the sauce that would eventually become Tango back in 1980s Honduras, she did it by experimenting with flavors from the wild herbs and vegetables that grew locally. Carrots were readily available, and she found they brought a light natural sweetness to the flavor, as well as a beautiful thick consistency.

7 Clean Ingredients

Each flavor of Tango starts with 7 ingredients. Carrots, Garlic, Sawtooth Cilantro, Habanero Peppers, Limes, Apple Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt. Nothing remotely unhealthy or weird.

No Sugar, Gums, or Preservatives

Most hot sauces, especially ones in squeeze bottles like Tango, rely on artificial gums and preservatives to extend the product shelf life, or sugar to enhance the flavor. But Tango is naturally safe thanks to the Apple Cider Vinegar, and naturally sweet thanks to the Carrots.

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The real magic of Tango lies in how well it pairs with food. The combo of these particular ingredients drizzled on your favorite meals unlocks a flavor greater than the sum of its parts – complementary not supplementary.


Grandma's Recipe

Rich In Vitamins

Good On Everything



  • Try Tango on

  • 🍳 Eggs

  • 🍕 Pizza

  • 🥑 Avocado

  • 🌮 Tacos

  • 🍣 Sushi

  • 🥓 Breakfast

  • 🥪 Sandwiches

  • 🌯 Burritos

  • 🍲 Soup

  • 🥒 Veggies

  • 🍔 Burgers

  • 🥓 Breakfast

  • 🥗 Salad


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